Friday, November 27, 2009

Big Bad Wolf Book Sales at Amcorp Mall


Big Bad Wolf’s book sales is back !!!

I leaped with excitement when I saw this newspaper advertisement in “The Star” newspaper yesterday. Or if you miss the newspaper ads, you can get more details from its homepage - Big Bad Wolf Books.

I have missed its earlier warehouse sales but I am definitely going to make it this round. Getting there is not hard. It’s at Amcorp Mall where the Kelana Jaya line of Putra Lrt can get you there. Just get off from the Taman Jaya station and Amcorp Mall is staring at your face already. For those who prefer driving to Amcorp Mall for this book sales, if you can’t find parking at Amcorp Mall itself, consider parking at the A&W Restaurant opposite Amcorp Mall itself. You can help yourself with the famous A&W Root Beer before you shop for your books Wink

The book sales is located at the 3rd floor of Amcorp Mall and it’s running from 26 Nov – 2 Dec at 10am-9pm. So, that’s 11 hours of book browsing and careful selecting before you buy your favourite books.

I saw the news on Internet that the very morning of the book sales already saw about 5,000 visitors eagerly waiting to get the best grabs available. It’s no kidding. When I reached the faithful place, this is what greets me ..



Big crowds making their way into the Big Bad Wolf Book Sales


Guards and assistants are around to help you around

The books are segmented into areas like general books, romance, children, cookbook etc. Paperboxes are available for you to carry your chosen titles around while you still shop for more books.

The books are a real steal at RM5, 8 or 10 and these are new books! I am disappointed not to find many novels of popular fiction writers like Jeffrey Archer, Michael Crichton, John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon ( they are my favourite authors btw ). But, but, but, but….. I managed to grab some very good business reads! I am surprised to see books by gurus of Leadership & Business ie John Maxwell & Napolean Hill going for RM10 ! Yes! Can you believe it ?? I just bought 2 of John Maxwell’s books like 1 month ago for RM40 each and now, it’s only 1/4 of the price I paid for. My heart sanked ! The best part is that I have not even started reading it.  You can also find the Jason Bourne’s series here ie The  Bourne Betrayal , The Bourne Ultimatum.

Lately, I have buying so many fiction novels and personal development/business books they have been stacking more than 8 inches high next to my bed, on my bed side table. I must really spend more time reading at night nowadays before sleeping. And below, here’s my damage for the day from the Big Bad Wolf book sales .. (drum roll) – presenting the 6 books of my choice


My purchases – 6 books total RM54 or about USD15

Checking out after you have completed your purchases is easy. There are clear signs to bring you to the Cash Only counters or Cash/Credit Cards counters. You will be guided by the assistants once a cashier is available. So, despite the long queue, everything is orderly and proper. For OCBC credit card holders, you’re entitled to an additional 10% discount too. So, bring along your OCBC credit card if you have one. You get further savings on top of the already GREAT BARGAIN !! Oh, 1 more thing, you get the below freebie too. A cute book mark of the Big Bad Wolf himself. The wall on top of where Mr Wolf is standing reminds me of Humprey Dumprey instead ~.~


A freebie for your purchases – Big Bad Wolf bookmark

If you don’t have any plans for this weekend or plan to get something to read, this is the right place to go. By the way, there’s also another 2nd hand bookstore having sales a few doors away. Don’t mistaken it for the Big Bad Wolf book sales.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort


This year my company had its Annual Managers’ Conference at Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort. Langkawi is a beautiful island in the state of Kedah.

This 5 stars hotel is certainly a beautiful resort and very suitable for a relaxing breakaway but what to do, I’m here to attend a conference ma… so, it’s not really a getaway holiday per say.

I arrived at this resort hotel after flying into Langkawi via Fireflyz plane which I find rather an enjoyable ride. For sure, the seats feels better than AirAsia’s plane.

Upon arriving at the Registration desk, I’m being welcomed by courteous front desk officer. Service was good and I am being served fruit juice while waiting for my room registration to be processed. While I was sitting at the Lobby area, I just realized that I forgot to check my Olympus digital camera’s battery before coming over here. I quickly snapped a photo of the Lobby to check on my camera.


Lobby area of Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort

My assigned room number was 1527. Since this is a resort style hotel, it is built to blend with the nature and every lot is being built into 4 rooms unit. I lucky that my room has the sea view.

11558_168894159134_589784134_2963932_2039351_n  Staircase down to my room


2 beds unit – very cozy looking room right ??


Sharp Aquos LCD TV – my favourite brand of LCD TV

The interior of the room is certainly a very cozy lot. It is tastefully furnished and I particularly like the wall deco. Some hotels just give you some lousy deco which do not blend much with the concept of the hotel. But this place is certainly living up to my expectations.


Sea shell deco piece in the bath room


Deco piece next to the TV

Stepping out from the room, I am impressed as well by the furniture set-up in the verandah. A nice round marble table and 2 chairs for leisure conversation or you can even work with your laptop here. There’s a fan and ceiling light as well for those who prefer more wind besides those from the sea and prefer to work in a well litted area.


The verandah area with a nice marble table to hang out and get some good breeze

This bath tub is a heaven and providing a very relaxing as well as romantic getaway for honeymoooners. You can have a very nice view, overlooking the sea, enjoying a nice bubble bath and a glass of champagne.


 View from the bath tub looking out

Being an early riser, I managed to snap a photo or 2 of the sunrise from the verandah of my room. I would strongly recommend Sheraton Langkawi to those who is seeking for an ideal relaxing holidays in Langkawi. By the way, another thing which really, really impress me is that the resort’s telephone help desk has never fail to address me by my name. It really make you feel special when the guests are greeted by their names whenever they call the help desk for shuttle service.


Sunrise views from the verandah

So, remember to add Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort to your list if you plan to make a trip to Langkawi !!