Monday, July 30, 2012

To Bring or Not To Bring


The recent announcement by the Education Ministry to allow students to carry hadnphones to schools starting next year had caused much of a hoohah in the papers. Many have expressed their disagreement to the idea.

Personally, I disagree to the idea too. Here’s my rundown of why we should not allow our primary/secondary students bring their phones to school:-

1. Classroom distraction

How are the teachers to ensure that every student switch their phones to “Silent mode” when in school? Easy right? Put up a civic message all over the classrooms? Did we not do that in cinemas and you still have some recalcitrant who will not silent their phones and even answer calls in the cinema.

2. Games, games, games

Handphones come with games and applications installed in them. While the teachers are writing on the blackboard, I am sure there will also be students trying to play handphone games behind the teacher’s back.


3. Video recording

Almost all handphones now has at least 1 camera in it. This will be posing another problem. By allowing them to bring the handphones to classes, some mischivious students may secretly record their teachers, their classmates’ antics in schools. We have had a few incidents of students bullying in schools and these videos were uploaded into YouTube. By allowing handphones to be in school, are we opening the floodgate to more recordings? What if the students go a step further into becoming peeping tom and record their female schoolmates in any stage of undress?


4. Mine is better than yours

Phones are getting more and more advanced. Parents nowadays are also getting the latest model of phones ie iphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 etc for their children. I am sure the children will have the tendency to bring their latest high tech phones to school and show their schoolmates. Are we indirectly introducing peer pressure in school? Am sure those with the older models will feel inferior compared to their classmates who are “blessed” with the latest phones and will start to pester their parents to buy the same phone too.


5. Safekeeping

Next comes the question of where to safekeep the phone? In school, students are to take on non-classroom activities like physical education on the field, attend extra-curricular bodies ie. Boy Scout etc. Is the school going to provide lockers for the students to keep their valuables which in this case is the phone? How about during recess time? When the phone gets stolen or misplaced, the school is going to be facing unnecessary headache of attending to students whose handphones are stolen. Worse still will be overzealous parents who are going to confront the school on their children’s missing phones – blaming the school of not ensuring their children’s properties are taken care of. I am sure we can all see this coming….



Given more time, I can name even more reasons why the politicians and Ministries should put mroe thoughts into this idea before opening their mouths. Sigh!! We all know nowadays it’s the mouth that perform faster than the brain….especially when it comes from politicians.


Monday, July 16, 2012

A Porky Lunch

2012-07-07 13.39.49

When it comes to roast pork, I always associate it with the way Chinese cooks it - crispy skin that crackles with every bite, usually quite dry as it's roasted over direct heat onto the skin. When you're savouring over the juicy bits of roast pork, don't think about the cholesterol that comes with it OK?! Just enjoy the good moments.

It was during a rare occurance that I chance upon a deal online that offers traditional English roast pork. I'm quite curious of how an English roast pork is going to taste like. After parting with RM58.50, I got myself a deal of traditional English roast pork that comes with 2 side dishes of coleslaw and mash potatoes at BBQ @ Benji. Since it's situated in a residential area called Happy Mansion, I believe I will leave the place a happy guest. By the way, the deal is supposed to feed 2-3 pax.

When I reach Benji around 1:00pm, it's not too hard to find if you have a GPS with you. Happy Mansion has also been in the neighbourhood for quite some time, so ask around and you will easily be directed to Happy Mansion. Despite it being noon time on a Saturday, I found Benji to be quite empty with only 3 tables occupied at that time. Deco is at its minimal in Benji as the place looks like it has been there for a while. Being at the corner of the ground floor, Benji's not easy to find. The wall is mostly painted black with photos of its specialties alining the walls.

2012-07-07 13.40.06

I had to say service is prompt with the friendly and attentive waitresses. After showing the waitress my voucher for the traditional English roast pork, our entree of coleslaw and mash potatoes were served within 10 minutes from ordering. I like the coleslaw as it was prepared just as I like it, the cabbage still moist and with right amount of dressing. I was a bit disappointed with the mashed potato though as the serving is kinda small - just 2 small scoops of it.

While waiting for the "star" dish to arrive, I looked around at what others ordered. Seems like the BBQ baby ribs seem to be everyone's favourite. Many were seen ordering the same thing. In about 5 minutes' time, the roast pork arrived. The aroma of the succulent meat filled the air; whetting my appetite even more. 

2012-07-07 13.15.36 
 2012-07-07 13.24.42

I find that the roasted pork were cut in big slices. Somehow too big of a slice for my liking. It's about 1inch thick per slice, almost like a slab of pork instead of a slice of pork. Is that how it's being served by the English? The first bite of the roast pork wins me over though. Unlike the Chinese way of cooking, this roast pork still retains the juiciness of the meat in it. The skin is usually the highlight of a roast pork. How highly a roast pork is rated usually depends on how crispy the skin can get. It has to have the cracking sound when you bite it without it being too hard to bite. The layer of fat is also have to have the right proportion so as it is not too oily or fatty when you bite deeper into the roast pork. It has to give you the "love at first bite" kinda feeling and Benji just got that right. Benji's roast pork must have been marinated with garlic as you can't be mistaken with the scent of garlic as you move to the inner part of the meat. However, it's this part of the meat which I have another comment. I find it a bit too salty for my liking.

The apple sauce is a compliment to the roast pork. I simply love the sauce very much as I glaze every bite of the roast pork with the apple sauce before I fork it into my mouth. On a scale of 10, I would rate Benji's traditional English roast pork an 8. Those of you who have not been to Happy Mansion, below's the address as well as location of Benji's restaurant:-

BBQ @ Benji’s

Lot AG-6, Ground Floor, Block A, 
Happy Mansions, Jalan 17/13
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Bona petite!!