Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crazy over Online Business

The ball started rolling with the participation of eBay's talk last week. This week, we attended another talk by Google entitled "Grow Your Business Using The Internet With Google". Again, the talk was organised by SME Corporation Malaysia whose sole idea is to help Small and Medium Enterprises growing their business and moving sales across national boundary via e-Commerce.

Though e-Commerce has been introduced since God-knows-when, it's still considered at a low penetration level in Malaysia. However, statistics have shown a healthy increase as the year goes by and Malaysian businessmen/businesswomen are turning more towards the Internet in search for more businesses and to internationalise their businesses. This is good in helping local businesses to become more known internationally and putting our brands in the international market.

Not getting caught losing out in this electronic commerce business, our company is also exploring this frontier and will be slowly but actively moving towards B2B & B2C. It's about time we look into this. Hence, this 2 weeks I have been actively attending these talks by Google, eBay & PayPal along with my wonderful GM and Director.

The Google talk was held on Wednesday 27/1 at Matrade Building as well but this time was at the 20th floor where SME Corp's office is located at. Personally, I think Matrade building is really an oversized but underutilised building. So much of unused floor space for this building. It has a East Wing and a West Wing as well. The centre foyer makes me feel like being at the lobby of a hotel's lounge or the centre of a shopping mall where they always run weekend activities or bazaar sales :-)

This time the talk is of a smaller scale with less attendees compared to the eBay talk. A smaller, compact crowd of less than 100. Hehe, this time no freebies or early bird door gift. A Mr Han-son Toh presented talk on Google's AdWords programme. For those of you who's not familiar with Adwords, you can refer to this link for better understanding. Click here.

After the half day talk, I was entasked to create a Adwords account for my company. It was simple to create an account and currently, there's a stimulus package offered by Google to open an Adwords account. You will get a RM200 credit to your Adwords account. So, go grab it now for those of you who are interested in this programme !

I have also created my eBay account and what have I been selling ? I love novels and have been buying novels like nobody's business. My collection of novels are getting bigger and bigger and I have been running out of storage space. Hence, I have to let go some of my prized collection to make way for newer books. Hence, I have been putting some of my novels up on sale on eBay. Last year, I donated some of my novels to Malaysian Kidney Foundation during their charity fund raising for kidney patients. That gave me an opportunity to do some charity work as well as spring-cleaning my book cabinet. If my novels garner not much interest on the Web, I may keep them for another charity event again.


  1. have a good day.

  2. Just be careful when you are running your ads in AdWords. If you're not careful you'll burn a big hole in your company's pockets :)

  3. Audrey : Thanks for the advise. Will be working more closely with my GM to work out on the Ads. I will not be maintaining the AdWords account. Will be likely to get an IT person on board to help maintain our websites :)