Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Visit to the Park

Last Sunday, I decided to bring my daughter to a place with a bigger playground. There are a few playgrounds around my neighbourhood and Clarisse had visited a few of them. This time around, I decided to bring her to somewhere which I passed by many times but had never step foot into the place until last Sunday.

Taman Jaya is a park nearby Federal Highway which has a lake in the middle of the park. The lake has been a popular fishing spot for people who has the patience in angling or fishing. Everytime I passed by Taman Jaya on the lrt, I can see many people exercising in the park, adults jogging around the lake, kids immensing themselves on the playground. Life is a bliss seeing everyone enjoying themselves and sharing laughters and moments of togetherness.

The playground is well-maintained overall. The rides and plays still look new at least. I didn't have the opportunity to jog around the park though as has been entasked to look after personal properties since my wife accompanies Clarisse in playing the rides at the park. But I did get a walk around the lake with the family before we headed home. At the same time, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to snap some photos of the park and the playground.

The rides still look well-maintained

A monument in the park

Lots of fun for the kids

Various exercise equipment for adults

Another playground area in Taman Jaya

Tarzan on the chain? Or Spiderman?

Various fountain points on the lake

My favourite photo - a reflection of the TNB building

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