Monday, November 14, 2011

11.11.11 - Is It A Special Day For ?


Is this a special day for a special date for you?

This day only come once every 100 years. I must be lucky to be born in the period where I get to experience 10.10.10 and 11.11.11. 12.12.12 perhaps? “The Star” newspaper ran a few articles on the significance of this date according to a few different religions/races. Here’s the excerpt of them:-

According to the Muslim calendar, the date 11 Nov 2011 falls on 15 Zulhijjah 1432. This is the time when Muslims all over the world who performed the Haj in Mecca supposed to have finished their pilgrimage. Other than that, 11.11.11 has no significance or meaning in the Muslim calendar. According to Muslim, a date only has significance if it is based on certain events that is related to early Islamic history. Hence, an event is more important than the date itself. In conclusion, 11.11.11 is not an important day in the eyes of the Muslims.

 For the Chinese, date selection is something that was practised in ancient China, from selecting a date deemed auspicious for wedding or renovating one’s house to a day to have a haircut! In modern times, the majority of the Chinese population still practises this and still seek advice on good days to hold a major event such as a wedding, a date to deliver a baby via Caesarean section or even starting a business.

The Chinese tends to favour or reject certain numbers for how they sound. “8” is considered a good or prosperous number while “4” is unlucky or signifies destruction. “4” sounds like death for those who speak Mandarin or Cantonese dialect. Traditionally, the Chinese follows 2 types of calendars which are based on solar and lunar cycle. When the Chinese chooses a date, they also look at the stars that appear in the constellation of that date. So, six 1’s look special when they are in a row, but when they look at the stars, it doesn’t help specifically in any way.

Over to the Indian astrologist, the date 11.11.11 however holds special significance because it is a life path number, and it is one of the most powerful shifts in human awareness that people will experience in their lifetime. 11 Nov 2011 is believed to be auspicious for those getting married because this favourable day promises strong and everlasting unity, astrologically. Dwellers can also choose the date to start construction of a house, purchase a new property or vehicle and they will be blessed with success easily. People are also urged to purchase or invest in gold or silver and their wealth will multiply. Although 11 symbolises gain and divinity, when the date, month and year is added up, it totals up to 8, which is less favourable in numerology as it indicates that people will incur high expenditure and spend more money than normal days. Hmmmm..… I wonder this co-relates or contradicts the earlier statement : you’re advised to make investment on the day and your wealth will multiply but on the other hand, you’re told that you will spend more money compare to normal days. 

So, what does 11.11.11 holds for you? Was there any thing special happened to you on that day? A school mate of mine got registered to commemorate this special date. As for me, nothing much special happened to me. It just flows like any other day. However, at night, I went to watch the movie “Immortals” and guess what? When the show ended and I took out my handphone, the time shows 11:11pm. So, it was 11:11pm @ 11.11.11 when I finished watching the movie!

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