Monday, March 5, 2012

Big Ray’s Grill


Once again, online discount voucher has taken me to another new eating joint. This time around I am being introduced to Big Ray’s Grill at Sri Petaling. The deal was:

Pay Only RM11 For 1 Set Meal Of (Bigray Grilled Chicken OR Hot & Spicy Chicken) Grilled Vegetables + Mashed Potato + Bottomless Drink @ Big Ray's Grill

With me quite familiar with Endah Parade, finding Endah Promenede is nota hard thing to do. A quick check with my GPS shows Endah Promenede just next to Endah Parade. The only problem finding Big Ray’s Grill is lack of signages at the building.Finding a carpark space at this building is not hard though. I managed to park at the Basement with ease and you will see a snooker parlour at the Basement level. Big Ray’s Grill is at the ground floor, same row as Overtime, right towards the end.

As we reached there at 1pm on a public holiday, the restaurant is almost empty save for 1 table of 2 patrons. My first impression is that the place is managed by some Middle Easterns as I saw a few persons manning the place are from Middle East. I like the wall deco of Big Ray’s Grill – simple yet artistic. The furniture are just basic and it immediately tells you this is a simple dining place, more suitable for those of middle income rather than for someone expecting great service.

Since it’s mid afternoon, we opted for the in-house seats rather than dining alfresco in under the hot sun. Big Ray’s Grill comes with wifi service. As I chose a corner table facing the entrance, I have some good sunlight as well as air-conditioned seats.


Simple yet artistic wall deco


A warm seat having the best of both world – sunlight and aircon

As we presented our vouchers to the waiter, we do not have to wait long for the drinks to be served. Heck, if I am the only waiting customer and I need to wait for 10 minutes for my soft drinks to be served, I would have pulled a long face.

I ordered the Grilled Chicken while my wife ordered the Hot & Spicy version. As we were waiting for the lunch to be served, the aroma of the grilled chicken already filled the air. The anticipation and anxiety in waiting for the arrival of our grilled chicken makes me feeling more hungry. What arrived didn’t really disappoint as I only paid RM11 for this set meal.

I first took a bit of the grilled vegetables as I first tasted grilled vegetables at Nandos and I started to love grilled vegetables. It didn’t disappoint. The grilled vege are crunchy and cooked just nice. The mashed potato was kinda a let down though as Big Ray wasn’t generous with the gravy. I find the mashed potato a bit dry.

The drumstick brought back some smile as the chicken was nicely grilled but I must say that the sauce has a very commercial taste. It feels like it came from a bottle of BBQ sauce which you can get from supermarket. Even the black pepper sauce which came with my wife’s order taste the same – commercial grade.


Grilled drumstick with grilled vege and mashed potato

Overall, I would rate place as follow:-

Service : 4/5 (I wonder how the service would be if there are 10 tables or more customers)

Ambient : 3.5/5 (Nice quite place but I would like to try this place in the evening next time)

Food Quality: 3/5 (Take away the commercial tasting sauce please)

Pricing: 2.5/5 (Prices of food on the menu looked a bit pricey to me considering the location of the place)


Big Ray's Grill
1-8, Endah Promenede,
Jalan 3/149E, Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:
Daily: 12.00pm - 12.00am

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