Sunday, June 24, 2012

What’s With The Plate?


Lately, I’m seeing more and more car plates “decorated” with all sorts of stickers, emblems etc. I am just wondering on the legality of these things fixed on the car number plate by the car’s owner.

In the past, only royalties, members of Parliament, judges or somebody of high legal status are allowed to affix all these onto their cars. Nowadays, I see all sorts on the number plates from Leo Club’s membership, Ex-Army Society, football name it. To me, this has come to the extend of being an eye-sore. Wondering if these are in fact legal as defined under the Department of Transport’s laws.

Some time back, the Road Transport Department (RTD) are all out to catch and fine those with heavily tinted windows, fancy font of car plates. Is it only me that think emblems and stickers are an eye-sore and should not be affixed to the car number plate as you like?

What do you think?



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