Friday, December 21, 2012

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

Went to Bukit Merah Laketown Resort last weekend for a family gathering. It was easy to find along the North South Expressway. Directional signboards aplenty and the resort is just nearby, after exiting from Bukit Merah/Selama toll after Taiping.

Chose a wrong day to go there and the place was jam-packed to the maximum. Didn’t enjoy the trip a bit at all. Car park area was horendous. There are simply not enough of proper parking lots to cater for a big weekend / school holiday crowd. The resort operator should re-look into improving the parking area. Having an un-tarred, sharp rocks and dusty alternative parking area is giving the place a very bad impression even before entering the resort area.

The guest houses ie. the chalets, the service apartments are badly maintained. The 2 toilets in our Suria apartment unit are leaking water. One of our air con remote control is missing the cover at the battery compartment.

Buffet breakfast is also very disappointing. You have the local semi-“nasi lemak”. I named it this way as it has the rice cooked with the fragrant pandan leaves but what’s missing from the nasi lemak are the side dishes that make up a nasi lemak ie the fried anchovies, the peanuts, the cucumbers and the soft boiled eggs. Even the sambal with onions is missing. It only comes with a chicken curry where the chicken is as good as a rubber piece. It tasted like some badly cooked overnight chicken pieces. For those who like some western breakfast choices, brace yourself for toast bread, cereals and ham. No sausages even. I’m totally disappointed with the buffet line at Suria Apartment.

For a proper dinner, I would suggest that you venture outside. At least the road stalls outside the resort that serves tomyam and some local Malay cuisines look more appetising than the food in the resort.

I wouldn’t recommend this place for a family holiday.

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