Thursday, April 25, 2013

Joo Fa Trading – Let The Aroma of Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Lead the Way

My Tanjong Sepat’s day trip brought me to another local specialty in the form of a famous local coffee trader.

 Joo Fa Trading is one of the famous local coffee manufacturer cum trader in Tanjong Sepat. Ask around and you can be easily directed to its premise. It’s not a big time coffee trader in the sense that it operates from a house. It’s more like your neighbourly coffee brewer than a serious manufacturer. 


Joo Fa Trading – signboard leading the way

From the outside of the house (in fact, from the main road leading to Joo Fa Trading), you will be greeted by the sweet aroma of coffee. The smell of coffee is heavenly for a coffee lover like me. I bet those coffee enthusiasts will agree with me on this. Moving inside along a narrow alleyway before reaching into the main area where the proprietor roast his coffee. This is where the actions are and you can surely see coffee beans (fresh and dried) being displayed.

Joo Far Trading roast their own Hainanese coffee powder here.  The owner is very friendly. He will take you on a full tour of his coffee roasting and grinding process in the house. Quite interesting if you have never seen how it is done. His explanation gives us a better understanding of coffee and how the roasting process works. What I didn’t know is that the coffee bean has 4 layers of skins to be shelled before you reach the bean itself. The big kiln where the coffee is roasted reminds you of the good old days where wood is being used to fire the kiln.


The coffee beans – fresh and shelled


The kiln – where the coffee beans are roasted


The old way – wood fired kiln


A Closer Look of the Coffee Beans

The proprietor himself is not a Hainanese but a Hokkien. He trades in Hainan coffee as Hainanese is famous for their coffee.


 The owner explaining his trade 


 Coffee grinding machine

 I took a quick peek of the backyard and saw some smaller coffee grinding machines. Since Joo Fa is a coffee trader, surely you won’t miss the opportunity to taste some of its coffee. The owner gave us some samples of his coffee to drink on the spot. So, if you like it, you can buy it on the spot! What I find funny is that the coffee is being served in Chinese tea cups. Doesn’t it amuse you that you drink coffee from Chinese tea cups. Honestly, I have not drank coffee this way before. Have you?

The coffee is quite nice to drink. I purchased 2 packets of Joo Fa’s coffee. They actually sell the coffee in a few forms : black coffee powder, sachet or white coffee. I am not sure if I missed out other varieties, perhaps I did. At home, after I had tried out both the ground black coffee powder and the sachet form, I prefer the latter.



Drinking Coffee using Chinese Tea Cups


As I sipped on my coffee, I noticed this quote on the wall


Coffee is sachet form



Joo Fa Trading – the entrance

For those of you who plan to make a trip to Tanjong Sepat or happen to be there, do visit Joo Fa Trading as it’s considered one of the tourist spot in this town. Below’s the address to Joo Fa Trading:

Joo Fa Trading

No. 356, Lorong 5,
Jalan Besar, 42800,
Tanjung Sepat

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