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Sin Hup Kee Restaurant – Bandar Puteri Puchong

Last Sunday, our lunch took us to Bandar Puteri, Puchong where we tried out a Chinese restaurant – Sin Hup Kee (SHK). It occupies a single shop lot in Bandar Puteri Puchong and has about 10-15 tables (both round table and square tables).

Sin Hup Kee

SHK – from the outside 

 Bandar Puteri Puchong has grown into quite a “makan” place with many restaurants at this area. This commercial hubs also house a few local and international banks as well and you have a hypermarket at this area too. It’s really a busy commercial area during work days.

Sin Hup Kee

SHK’s menu

One complain I have about this restaurant is the quality of their menu. Don’t get me wrong! They have a good spread of dishes but the menu book itself is quite worn out. I think it will give customers a better impression if they take pride in their menu instead of presenting worn out copy to customers. 

Sin Hup Kee

SHK – from the inside

I like the wall of Sin Hup Kee as it’s decorated with big photos of their dishes. It gives the diners an idea of what to expect and whet up the appetite before the actual dishes arrive. We reached there about 12:30pm and it was quite packed with lunch crowd on a Sunday where families usually eat out on weekends. Despite being full house, we didn’t have to wait too long for our dishes to arrive. 20 minutes is an acceptable time frame, considering the crowd. We ordered a few dishes which I am going to share below:-

Deep Fried Salted Egg Squid (Small - RM18)

Deep fried food with salted egg is always a favourite within our family. The little kiddo loves the savoury taste of salted egg in the food as it enhances the batter. Squid itself is rather bland in taste, with rubbery texture. So, it’s usually cooked with curry or deep fried based on Oriental cooking style. Since we ordered a small portion, the size of it came as expected. Simple dish garnished with lettuce and curry leaves. SHK gave a generous amount of salted egg and hence, you can really taste the salted egg in the deep fried batter. Also, it comes with a hint of pepper to enhance the taste.

Deep Fried Salted Egg Squid - RM18

Deep Fried Salted Egg Squid

Marmite Sauce Chicken (Regular - RM16) 

Since my daughter also loves marmite, marmite chicken is a regular order whenever we dine out and the restaurant happens to have a dish with marmite sauce. SHK uses chicken breast meat to cook with the marmite sauce. I am not a fan of chicken breast meat as this part of the chicken is too dense with meat. I prefer other parts like thigh or drumstick. As a result, I feel that the marmite sauce didn’t really get sipped into the breast meat. The sauce only managed to coat the surface of the meat but not sipped into it.

Marmite Sauce Chicken - RM16

 Marmite Sauce Chicken

 Deep Fried Fish Tail (700gm - RM49)

Initially, we did not order this dish but the fish slices with mango sauce. The dish was not available on that day and the waitress recommended this dish to us. We obliged and it turned out quite tasty. The fish tail is deep fried and very crispy. You can tell that it’s fried on the spot and then the sweet and sour sauce poured onto it immediately right before being served to the table. I would much prefer more garnishing ie more slices of tomatoes and onions to accompany the generous portion of sauce that comes with the fish. Overall, this dish is worth a go. Deep Fried Fish Tail in Sweet & Sour Sauce - RM49

Deep Fried Fish Tail 

Stir Fried Long Beans (Regular - RM12)

We also ordered the stir fried long beans with minced meat as we need to balance meat intake with veggies right?? For a regular plate of the dish, I think the portion given is quite generous. The taste of this dish is nothing to shout about, a regular dish that you can find in most Chinese restaurants. However, I do find the long beans a bit overcooked. It should have been crunchier but I find it a bit on the soft side for my liking.

Stir Fried Long Beans - RM12

 Stir Fried Long Beans

Deep Fried Salted Egg Mantis (Small - RM18)

Here’s another dish that is cooked with salted egg :-) Mantis prawns. Another of our family’s favourite seafood. Again, the popular style of cooking the mantis prawns favoured by us is to deep fried it with salted egg. Similar to the squid, the batter came with a generous portion of salted egg. This makes the mantis prawns well-coated with the batter mixed with salted eggs. Another thumbs up for the dish.

Deep Fried Salted Egg Mantis - RM18

 Deep Fried Salted Egg Mantis

Fiery Pork Ribs (Small - RM12)

This dish is chosen by my Mum as it was one of the items featured on the wall of SHK. Since none of the dishes above has got pork, we decided to order this dish as well. Let’s see how one of their signature dishes fair. Well, it actually tasted quite good. It taste like sweet & sour pork ribs with a hint of vinegar in it to bring out the sour taste. The ribs are cooked just right with the sauce managed to seep into the pork ribs. The right temperature of the wok is important in bringing out the finer taste of the food and with this pork ribs, I have to say it deserve to be one of their signature dishes.

Fiery Pork Ribs - RM12

Fiery Pork Ribs 

 Steamed Eggs with Century & Salted Eggs (Small - RM10)

This dish is ordered to balance out the rest of what we have ordered so far. We are missing some protein based dish :-)

Besides, my daughter loves to eat eggs too. So, this is also another dish ordered for her. With century and salted eggs cut into small pieces and added into the steam eggs, you do not need additional flavouring. The combination of these 3 types of eggs itself is enough to make it a tasty, protein-based dish. I would suggest to top it up with some fried scallions and spring onions would be a good garnishing. 

Steamed Eggs With Century & Salted Eggs - RM10

 Steamed Eggs with Century & Salted Eggs

Yin Yang Kailan (Regular - RM12)

Our last dish ordered is another vegetable. This dish is gaining popularity amongst Chinese restaurants. The catch is frying the green leaves of the kailan. If the chef is not careful, he may over-timed the frying and as a result, you will end up with a bitter taste a.k.a burnt taste of the leaves. Luckily, I didn’t experience the burnt taste with this dish. The chef managed to deep fry the shredded leaves without overcooking them. The stalks part of the kailan are also blanched just right, not too hard for my liking. Again, I think this dish is a thumbs-up for me.

Yin Yong Kailan - RM12

Yin Yang Kailan

As a whole, it was a fine dining experience at SHK. Service was within the expected time frame despite it being a full house on a Sunday afternoon when I visited the restaurant. As mentioned before, my only complain is that the menu book should be re-print as it looked worn out. Not a very pleasing sight for customers.



Sin Hup Kee

No. 64, Jalan Puteri 2/4,

Bandar Puteri,

47100 Puchong, Selangor.

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