Sunday, October 5, 2014

Double Park @ SS2


I have to admit that when before I stepped into this F&B café, I didn't have much expectation of this place. Afterall, the deco suggests that it's more of a music café and pub rather than a decent dining place. How wrong was I! The food is so great that I went back a second time within a short span of time. Even my family members give this place a thumb's up after trying the food here. So I decided to combine the food I have tried over the 2 visits into this one blog.


Double Park is actually situated along the same row as SS2 police station and it's at the row of shophouses behind the durian stalls. It's not hard to find with its black signboard with the words "Double Park". The theme of this place as I mentioned before is a musical café at night with nice setting and makes it a good place to chill out be it day or night. I have not been to this place in the evening though. Both my visits were in the midday.


It has both Asian and Western cuisines to cater for different taste buds. We tried about 8-10 items in its menu and the spread of the variety of foods is not bad! The Chicken Ham and Cheese Bun is a simple sandwich but I wonder it's called bun though. The presentation of the sandwich ( yes, I will call it sandwich instead of bun ) makes it rather appetizing with cherry tomato and slices of cucumber topped with mayonnaise. Like what I said earlier, it's nothing to shout about and a bit on the high side in terms of the price of RM7.90.

Chicken Ham & Cheese Bun – RM7.90


The Club Sandwich looks more mouth-watering as you can see below. Again, it has slices of ham and fried egg sandwiched between the bread. This taste much better than the former and I like this better even for RM1 more at RM8.90.

 Club Sandwich – RM8.90


For the main course, I ordered the Double Park Mix Chop. You get to choose different type of gravy. I wanted the mushroom sauce but it was not available on that moment. I opted for the red gravy ( I think?! ). The Mix Chop comes sizzling on a hot plate. The first impression of this meal it that the portion is too much for me. It comes with a slice of grilled chicken, a lamb chop and a fish fillet. The sides are the cherry tomato, broccoli and corn. There's definitely lots of meat on this plate and the gravy turns out to be very tasty. It's a bit salty but it complimented well with the meat. I am a person who is very particular over my broccoli but I find the broccoli here cooked just right for my liking. For meat lovers out there, you should try this dish. You will not be disappointed at RM18.50!


Double Park Mix Chop – RM18.50


My Mum ordered the Signature Spare Ribs which is priced at RM12.90. We could not make out what the gravy is made of but it definitely goes well with rice. Double Park is generous with the gravy too. This Signature Spare Ribs certainly earned its reward that we ordered the same dish the second time we came back here. The ribs are cooked just nice and not too tough or chewy, just right! It comes with cucumber, lettuce and onion.

Signature Spare Ribs – RM12.90
The other time I was here, I tried out the Salted Butter Pork with Rice. You get to choose whether you want it to be pork, chicken or fish to go with the Salted Butter. Double Park did not disappoint me with my choice. Again, the gravy earned my thumbs up! It's very tasty. The salted butter pork comes with a mix of curry leaves, lettuce and a little bit of chopped bird's eye chilli to add a little oomph! to the gravy. There is a generous amount of gravy to go with your rice. For RM13.90, this is another dish that I highly recommend to you foodies out there.

Salted Butter Pork – RM13.90
The Double Park Platter was ordered as an entrée for everyone. The platter comes with a mixture of fried food – French fries, fried wanton, potato wedges and fried popiah. I find the fries a bit powdery as it contains more flour than potatoes. The wanton is a bit disappointing but the popiah tasted better. I would not recommend this for an entrée. Perhaps, should give others in the menu a try.

Double Park Platter – RM14.50
The Fried Taiwan Sausage is a better option. The dish comes with 2 sausages wrapped in a strip of bacon each. This dish did not let me down. It definitely tasted better than the platter above. I enjoyed the juicy sausages and the bacon complimented well to bring out the salty taste in both the sausages and the bacon. The crispy taste of the bacons certainly make this a delight to the mouth.

Fried Taiwan Sausage – RM8.90

The ambience and the setting of this place certainly makes it a good place to go for good food be it for a family outing or an evening winding down with your pals. Go ahead, give Double Park a try!

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