Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Insufficient Memory Space




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Like an overloaded CPU, I am having the same problem of insufficient memory space :-(

Question : Would you be offended if someone did not remember your name ?

Are you someone whose presence in a gathering is always being neglected ? Or you simply do not put any effort in making your presence felt ? What if someone completely forgotten that they have even met you before ? Would you think “What a forgetful person ?”. Would you feel offended by such a person ?

Many times I have bumped into friends or business associates who I can’t recall the name. It’s not that I don’t take the effort to remember names ! It’s just that sometimes it just slipped my mind the name of the person. It takes quite a while for me to recall back the name of the person. It’s like being into a mental challenge the whole day for me to try to recall back the name of the person. I score even worse if I have to recall back a Chinese name compared to an English name. I do hope people don’t think that I am superficial, arrogant or someone not worth befriending. I do have my shortfalls.

When I attend events like a CPA seminar or a private function and someone steps up to me to say, “Do you remember me ?”, it freaks me out. Same goes to reunion of schoolmates. Imagine it’s someone you have not met at all since leaving your secondary school. Try somewhere around 10 years where you don’t meet and suddenly you’re being challenged to remember a name.

Sometimes, all we need is a few moments with someone before we are able to put a name to the face. These days, I really thank Facebook. At least, this social  networking site can help me to remember some names of long lost friends and able to help me to get in touch with them. Else, I don’t think I will be able to remember names of friends !

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