Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mister Potato’s Rice Crisp


Mister Potato has recently launched a new line of Mister Potato’s Rice Crisp. Not to be left out, I quickly made it to the 99 Speed Mart near my house and grab myself a can of it. I am a big fan of sliced potato !

This new line being introduced is actually made from rice ( if you don’t already know it by now, doh ! ) According to its website, it’s made without MSG and 20% less fat than fried potato chips. So, for those of you who like to snack, like me  :-) , this is every excuse that you’re not putting in more calories to your body. Mister Potato’s Rice Crisp comes in 4 flavours, namely, ORIGINAL, HOT & SPICY, SOUR CREAM & ONION and FLAME GRILLED BBQ. I chose the HOT & SPICY one to try out. I am not a big fan of sour cream, so usually, I will “pass” that flavour on  any of the snacks in town.

The white background on the can makes the packaging very striking and with a colourful wrap around, I find it very attention-grabbing. The wordings are easy to read too. So, no complain on the packaging. The can in fact is the same as the Mr Potato’s Crisps. You have the same transparent capping and the freshness foil beneath it before you reach your favourite snack.


P6090928 By the time I had this photo taken, I have already reached halfway line of the can, hehe!

The crispiness of the rice is just right for me. The flavoring suits my taste bud too, not too salty. But I would think it’s not spicy enough considering that it’s said to be Hot & Spicy. Twisties’ Spicy range is even more spicy than this. One thing which I don’t really like is the texture of the rice crisp. To differentiate it from the potato crisp, I guess the R & D team has made it a rough surface. Or maybe to show the consumer, it’s made from rice. I prefer it to have a smooth surface rather. Biting into a rough surface makes it feel like eating corn flakes instead or nachos.

P6090929 The rice crisps as how they look inside

Overall, that’s the comment that I have for this newbie of the snack market. Looking forward to trying out more new launches of snacks in the future.

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