Monday, November 22, 2010

Super Dan completes it !

Lin Dan is simply the best badminton player of the century! He's the world's most celebrated men's singles badminton player.

I have to admit that I am not a very big fan of Lin Dan. To me, he's kinda cocky and not the friendliest badminton around. However, I do have to admit that he's simply a class above the rest of the players.

Both Lin Dan and Chong Wei are consistent players and usually reached til the Finals in whichever tournament they took part in. Lin Dan has been Chong Wei's arch rival or nemesis on court for a number of years already but Chong Wei still have not find the right weapon to subdue Lin Dan. Not that Chong Wei is a bad player. In fact, Chong Wei is a badminton player of great stamina and reflexes. Even the people who filmed Chong Wei for a documentary were very impressed with his physical fitness. Once can certainly sees Chong Wei's quick reflexes on court, especially when he's so quick up again after landing with his hands on the rubber mat of the badminton court. Very often you will hear such comment of Chong Wei by the match commentator praising Chong Wei for his reflexes and how well he got along with the other players in the badminton circuit.

Lin Dan's match against Chong Wei in Asian Games' Badminton Men's Final is a great showcase of Lin Dan's strength and skills. It was a very exciting match. Though being Malaysian, I strongly hope that Chong Wei will win the game and bring home a Gold Medal to Malaysia, we all know it was a herculean effort to beat Lin Dan especially in his home land, China. Lin Dan won the game 21-13, 15-21 and 21-10. By winning the gold medal in the Asian Games, Lin Dan became the only player in the world to have all the badminton titles i.e. Olympics, Asian Games, World Championship, All England, BWF circuit super series event, Thomas Cup. In fact, this Fujian southpaw badminton player was already a world number 1 player at the early age of 20. I am sure at 20 years old, many of us have not even graduated from tertiary education yet but Lin Dan already helm the highest ranking and at 27 years old, Super Dan (as he's fondly called by his fans) is already at the top echelon of badminton.

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