Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Froyo Deli’s Frozen Yogurt


The website is simply marvellous!! I simply love this site. A BIG THANK YOU to fellow blogger, Nicole Tan ( for featuring this website in her blog back in August’10.

What’s this site all about?? Well, every day this website features an item for sale at a heavily discounted price. On average, you will be offered a deal for 50% or more. The deal varies from dining, self-pampering ie. aromatherapy, spa to car wash and waxing. This website currently offers deal in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor.

The deal I am going to blog about is actually the second deal which I have purchased from this website. Almost everyday, I surf into this website to find out the latest goodies the website has to offer.

To share with you all out there, below is the deal which I wanna blog about:

50% Off Medium Frozen Yogurt Package with Choice of 4 toppings @ The Froyo Deli for only RM 7.25 instead of RM 14.50!

I have to be frank that when I purchase this deal with my credit card online, I have no idea what or where is Froyo Deli located. I have to google up the address to find out exactly where the deli is located. So, I printed out the Google Map and tuck it nicely in my wallet to be taken out as guide when I visit Froyo Deli.

So, 2 Sundays ago when I am heading back to KL from Seremban, I made a detour to Desa Sri Hartamas to feast myself on the frozen yogurt which I have bought from Though I easily made my way to Desa Sri Hartamas, I have problem finding the exact location of the shop even though my GPS already indicated that I have reached the destination. The signboard of the shop is simply too small to be eye-catching. There’s no big signboard from on the shop to indicate the name of the shop. Instead, you will only find a round signboard with the face of a bunny (see below) to welcome you to the shop. They could have made the sign a little bit bigger.


Upon entering the shop, my Sis volunteered to be the photographer and took some photos of the shop’s interior. The decorations in Froyo Deli is very simple, towards the taste of a minimalist. The setting is very casual and relaxing.

Even the menu is very simple. The frozen yogurt, made fresh daily, comes in 2 flavours, plain or strawberry or you can order the twist which is plain yogurt mixed with strawberry flavoured frozen yogurt. The owner is kind enough to offer us a sampling of the flavours first before settling down to place out orders. My voucher allows me to choose 4 toppings from the many variants available. As usual, mango is my automatic choice of fruit. I chose longan, sunflower seed and colour sprinkles as my 4 toppings.

A wide variety of toppings for you yogurt lovers to choose from

While waiting for the Owner to prepare the frozen yogurt, my Sis put her spare time into good use again, snapping up another photo of the mock serving of the Froyo Deli’s frozen yogurt, tastefully placed on the aluminium table near the entrance of the shop.

Looks tempting huh? These are not real, hehe!

Finally, after waiting for less than 5 minutes, our orders are ready to be served to the mouth of these 3 first-timers. My wife settled for the plain yogurt, my Sis ordered the twist while I ordered the strawberry flavour. After a few rounds of flavour tasting among the 3 of us, I concluded that the plain yogurt flavour is the nicest. The strawberry topping is very fresh and the Owner is certainly very generous with the quantity of toppings served. The wide variety of toppings available certainly complement the frozen yogurt well and would satisfy the cravings of almost everyone who frequent Froyo Deli. The only grumble which I have is that Froyo Deli should have offered salted peanut or crushed peanut as toppings.

2 sets which I purchased using the voucher from and another ala-carte order

Simply yummy!!

After spending a good 15-20 minutes in the shop, we have 3 satisfied customers. Then again, I have another complain. The shop does not have any drinks on its menu. You only find frozen yogurt on the black board with the different pricing based on the number of toppings you ordered. What about drinks? No coffee, tea or fruit juice available? Not even plain water was served to complement the yogurt or available on the menu. That’s a little bit disappointing though I was not thirsty at that point in time. I do hope the Owner will offer some drinks to the customers. Having a wide variety of magazines is a good past-time for those who would like to do some light reading while enjoying a nice cup of yogurt, but do serve drinks please………

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