Monday, March 4, 2013

One Noodle–Desa Parkcity


On the 15th day of Chinese New Year, we had a simple dinner at Desa Parkcity. Sis bought vouchers for New Zealand Natural ice-cream at Waterfront @ Parkcity. So, we decided to end our 15 days of CNY with a dine out. Even though Waterfront is not far away from my house, I’ve not been to the mall before.

Upon arriving at the Desa Parkcity, we headed for Waterfront. Since the little one can only eat certain non-spicy food, our options were limited. We decided to try out One Noodle restaurant since it’s not too packed with customers and offers cozy dining.

After selecting our table, we were offered the menu with some interesting dishes albeit not many choices like what you would expect a Chinese restaurant has to offer. Anyway, the choices in the menu is wide enough for a small group of diners like us.

We quickly set ourselves into motion and ordered 4 dishes since the little one has already complained of being hungry. We opted for the Golden Beancurd, String Bean with Pepper & Salt, Pan Fried Minced Meat with Salted Fish and lastly, a Seasonal Vegetable.


Pan Fried Minced Meat with Salted Fish

As there were not many people when we arrived, it didn’t take long for our dishes to arrive. The Pan Fried Minced Meat with Salted Fish came with much delight from my daughter. The patties smell aromatic with a hint of salted fish. The patties were fried to golden brown, with minced meat as the fillings. Salted fish was added to enhance the taste. It was a winner and got the nod of approval from everyone. Do note that it will go better with rice or else you will find it a tad salty.



Golden Beancurd

Next came the Golden Beancurd.  One Noodle cut the soft, white beancurds into little pieces like mini bricks and deep fried them into crispy bites. It comes with a sweet and salty sauce as dipping. However, I think the chef should have garnish the dish with some slices of tomatoes and cucumbers. If you look from the photo above, it looked rather bare without any garnishing.



String Beans with Salt & Pepper

Of all the dishes, I like the above the most. I ordeed the String Beans with Salt & Pepper to my delight. Thank God I made the right choice. The String Beans were fried with a light flour batter, then sprinkled with salt & pepper as the name goes. The dish is a bit salty and again, it’s recommended that you have it with rice. Trust me, this dish is nice. Really appetizing.



Stir Fried Kailan

Since we didn’t order any vegetables, we opted for a stir fried kailan to go compliment the rest of the dishes. There’s nothing to shout about for this dish. A simple plate of kailan which you can find from any of the Chinese restaurant.


Overall, the dining experience was good but the drinks are a bit pricy though. Then again, you’re dining at Desa Parkcity. I guess you would expect the price of food here slightly above the normal going rate.

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