Friday, December 4, 2009

Spoilt for Choice

Choosing aand deciding a new techware can be such a daunting task. Sometimes, would you feel that you would gladly want to be in a world with lesser choices and you can make decision either with not so many options in front of you ?

I have been planning to get a Netbook for quite some time. I find my current Laptop – Lenovo Y410 a tad too heavy for my liking especially I when I need to travel for business trip. I like my current laptop for its splendid Dolby sound but the slot-in DVD writer is not something I’m happy with. The cranking sound it made when you insert a disc into it can be somehow annoying. Carrying a 2.4kg laptop over your shoulder can be quite soar over some time.

So, I have been thinking of getting a Netbook. As I mainly use my laptop for MS Office application, Internet and occasionally games when I’m bored, Netbook should be able to serve my purpose fine. I have been reading some reviews on Netbook and have shortlisted a few Netbook which I like :

1. Toshiba NB200

I find Toshiba NB200 Mini Notebook’s range of colour : Snow White, Indigo Blue, Silky Pink & Satin Brown very attractive. It’s ergonomic full-sized tiled keyboard has the Sony Viao’s feel. It’s comes with a hard-disk protection with built-in 3 accelerometer. The Satin Brown colour piece looks super high class !

2. Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2

This Netbook comes with a 6-cell Li-ion battery which is great if you are always on the go and finding power plug can be a challenge for you. However, it tends to raise the Netbook up. From the display unit I saw at Sec14’s Digital Mall, it comes with Dolby sound system as well

3. HP Mini 311 / HP Mini 110

HP has always being my favourite brand for its desktop. However, I have not been able to check out the Mini yet. Don’t know how well it feels on the fingers.

Most of the Netbooks in town now are still on XP Home or Vista Basic. I am hoping to get a Netbook which comes with Windows 7. Maybe I should wait a bit longer until at least all the Netbooks are pre-installed with Windows 7 first before I make a final decision of which Netbook is the best buy to suit my taste and needs.

Initally, I have a buyer who’s keen to buy over my Lenovo Y410 but since I have delayed my interest in buying a Netbook, the potential buyer’s interest has also cooled off. I think my Lenovo Y410 would be a catch for whomever is keen to buy over as I have upgraded it to 2MB Ram and added  years International Warranty at the point of purchase and I have just used it for less than 1.5 years.

Well, I am not in a hurry anyway. There’s still time to scout around  >.<

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