Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thai Express @ The Pavillion, KL


2 weeks ago, I accepted an invitation to attend the premier special of “The Storm Warrior II”. It was courtesy of Astrolife. I will be writing another blog on me and my wife attending the movie premier.

After we have gotten our tickets for the movie, I passed by Thai Express Restaurant inside The Pavillion. As I remembered that I have a discount voucher for Thai Express courtesy of American Express credit card, I suggested that we should try out this restaurant for dinner while waiting for the movie to start at 9.30pm. We gotten ourselves a nice U-shape couch facing the feature wall of the restaurant. The tables are spaciously placed and the ambience is cosy and suitable for a small group of 3-5 person per table.


The feature wall of Thai Express, The Pavillion


The RM10 discount voucher from American Express


The Festive Promotion menu

While we were running through the menu, we saw this Festive Promotion menu on the table. After spending some time running through the menu, we decided to order set A which comprise :-

1. Fried Egg with Diced Vege & Minced Chicken

2. Special Stir Fried Fish with Dry Chilli & Onion

3. Minced Chicken & Vege Soup

4. 2 plates of rice

Since my wife is a huge fan of soft shell crab, we ordered a plate of the deep fried soft shell crab. The waiter who served us was very courteous, who I am not very sure whether he’s a Thai or from other nationality. He’s definitely not Malaysian in my opinion.

The dishes took around 15 minutes to arrive. There were not many tables of customers when we were there. If not mistaken, there were 3 tables of customers excluding the both of us.

When the first dish of the fried egg came, I was utterly disappointed by the presentation of the dish. Just look at the photo below ! Splatter some diced potatoes and chicken breast with a taste that resemble a canned baked beans on top of 2 fried egg and you call that a dish from a Thai Restaurant ?? For a while, I thought I was in an army boot camp, lining up to get my ration of daily kitchen food which you either eat it or leave it. It just tasted like how I described it tasted like.


Fried Egg with Diced Vege & Minced Chicken

Next came the equally unappetising stir fried fish. I guess the name Special Stir Fried Fish came from the “special” appearance that you would not expect it to come from a Thai restaurant. From the look of the dish, you would think that it came from a road side stall. Maybe a road side stall would come with better presentation. I just don’t know whether the cook was having a bad day or I just made a very bad mistake of choosing this restaurant for dinner. Another plate of dish that will put you off the moment you see this plate of “thing” being served on your table.


Special Stir Fried Fish with Dried Chilli & Onion

By the time the soup arrived, I didn’t even bother to want to take a photo of it. It was equally bad or should I say heavily “ajinomoto-flavoured” bowl of soup. Just throw in some oversized chicken meat ball and chop some Chinese white cabbage into small pieces and whoala, you have a bowl of soup.

The only grace saving dish I would say is the ala-carte deep fried soft shell crab that we ordered. But, I don’t know what’s the special sauce I see that came along with the crab. I remember that the menu says special mango sauce or some sort but all I see is those Thai chilli sauce which you can easily get from your neighbourhood grocery shop or hypermarket.

The total bill came to about RM60++ after the RM10 discount voucher, service charge & govt tax added in. I was so disappointed with the meal that I don’t think I will make another visit to this restaurant chain.

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