Sunday, March 14, 2010

Selling on eBay

eBay and Smidec organised a 2 days workshop on selling on eBay. I attended the workshop along with my Bosses. It was conducted on 1st & 2nd March 2010. Yes, this blog is long overdue !! I know…

The workshop is really an eye-opener for me in learning more about selling on eBay. To be a seller on eBay is definitely not as easy as it seems. There’s like million and one thing to learn before you can finally be a seasoned seller. From doing research on what sells the most on eBay to what price to list your item to which eBay’s site is best to list your item. Mastering all these will definitely take you more than 1 day to learn. Luckily for us, this workshop was conducted by 2 very experienced eBay seller – Chris Chan and Carol Fung. These 2 ladies are really superb and wonderful people. They are very seasoned sellers and know everything you need to know about eBay. We’re really thankful for these 2 ladies for conducing the workshop sesson. To know more about them and their work, you can find them at Both of them are eBay specialists and they conduct workshops to train people on eBay selling. This post was initially created on 8th March 2010. It so happened to be World’s Women’s Day. Unfortunately, yours truly here forgot to continue updating this blog and accidentally deleted it while using Hence, I re-do this whole blog again using Windows Live Writer. At least, it doesn’t do Autosave here and accidentally ruin my work.

Back to the workshop. I missed out on the 1st day of the workshop due to some staff reshuffling within my department and I think that it’s only right that I am in the office to see that my staffs are settling in well. Little that I know that the first day of the eBay workshop actually pack lots of information from both Carol and Chris. Luckily, my wonderful GM attended the 1st day’s session and I managed to get some info from her. Carol and Chris are certainly very kind and generous in imparting their knowledge to all the participants of the workshop.

After attending the sessions, there will certainly be lots of research needed to learn and refine my eBay skills. Many of the things that I am selling on eBay are mostly my novels. I have so many novels that  I have no choice but to sell off some of them to give space for more new novels that I am going to buy in the future. I am also placing some my items for sale at On both sites, I go by the ID : dragon_lair ( same as the theme for this blog ). For me, the objective is not to make money on eBay but is to clear off some of my stuffs hogging up my shelves :-)

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