Saturday, March 20, 2010


I was having a chat with my GM this morning and she came out with a word which gave me a good laugh. TECHNOSAURUS !!

She was exploring how to use some of the features in MS Outlook 2007. Just got a new laptop with Office 2007 Pro installed. For someone who has been used to using Outlook Express and previous versions of MS Office, going into Office 2007 can be quite a daunting task and a total headache. Simple words and arrangements that we used to see in Office 2003 and before are now being replaced with icons and the positions of those commands have been totally revamped.

In this age of fast changing technology and all new IT gadgets and stuffs are quickly caught on by the Y-Generation, we, those born before Y-Generation, have to also catch up with the new technologies in order not to left too far behind. Everyday you here or read of a new technology or new gadget being introduced in the market. Just a phone has gone through so much changes over time. Those who have been around since the first time the mobile phone would have some idea how big and bulk it looked like. You are practically carrying a case something the size of a car battery. Fling it in fury and you can actually kill someone ! Then, it shrank in size to as big as your palm, to coloured screen to now with additional functions like GPS, camera-ready and even many great applications and social networking softwares.

No matter what, the future of technology is there to keep on going forward. Refuse to learn about new technology will only give you competitive disadvantage and you run the risk of falling behind others. You may not know all the new items in the market, you may not know how to use the functions of the new items you have recently bought, you will still end up encountering a new item/technology wherever you may be....

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