Thursday, October 7, 2010

Great Deal at

While reading the blog from a famous local blogger, Nicole Tan, I was being introduced to a site which sells F&B, Wellness, Car Wash etc at exceptional discounts. According to Nicole, she was a bit sceptical too at the beginning but just gave it a try since the amount involved is not very big. Great deals start from as cheap as RM10 or lesser. The website is called

Basically, how this site works? Read below. I copied it from as I'm too lazy to explain it myself, hehe.
How does work?

Every day you'll find a new hot deal on at discounts between 50-90%. Once the minimum number of buyers for a certain deal is reached, the deal is "on". After the deal period has passed (usually 24 hours) you will receive an email from us with your electronic coupon or a confirmation email that your coupon has been sent out to your home address. Since we aggregate a large number of buyers for each retailer, we're able to pass on these kinds of discounts to our customers. Once you received the coupon via email or post you can simply go to the merchant and enjoy your deal!

Here's how it works:

1) Click on "Buy Now" to reserve the deal for you. When the minimum number of buyers is reached, the deal is definitely taking place!

2) Tell all your friends, colleagues, family members and your neighbors about the hot deal that's going on! That way the chances are higher that we reach the minimum number.

3) In case the minimum number of buyers is not reached, the deal won't take place. In this case you'll get a full refund of the fee you paid to your credit card or PayPal account. Check back the next day - for sure a deal will be going on!

Easy right? I started off by making a purchase for Lecka Lecka at 50% discount. I just have to pay RM16 for 2 vouchers! The deal comes with 2 scoops of any our your preferred Lecka Lecka flavours and a bottle of Esprit drink. I utilised my voucher last Sunday at e@Curve. I wasn't very sure of myself when I approached the service crew at first. What if my vouchers are fake? What if they don't recognise what I have? Am I going to embarass myself in front of everyone at a busy shopping mall? I was so relieved when the staff at Lecka Lecka counter accepted my voucher and gave me the same service as a regular customer.

Now, I am hooked to this website. Everyday, I visit this website for the Deal of the Day. The deals are available in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Maybe you guys and gals who have not visited this website should check it out. You can really enjoy some good stuff at great discounts!!

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